Wednesday, 11 March 2015


I have no idea how many people have written about it, talked about it; but I am going to join them nevertheless. Everywhere in the world, you are stereotyped right after you come out of your mother's womb or when your sex is determined. It has become second nature for us to bring pink goodies for a baby girl and blue for a baby boy. Even I will look for barbie dolls and pink stuff toys if I have to gift something to a toddler, girl. Every time I see people trying to shape a kind of life, girls and boys should live, I cringe. I want to see a boy/man walking on the street in a frilly skirt and not have a single eye batted. It is just not possible, because, men/boys don't wear skirts, girls/women do. Why? I constantly ask myself.

 Miles to go before that happens. Let’s talk about certain stereotypes that we can get rid of today. India is synonymous with unity in diversity. Why are the north-eastern Indians considered to be the outsiders? Why do you immediately assume that a north-eastern boy would be a momos seller or a north eastern girl would wait at a restaurant? Why is a girl in a kurta and salwar considered to be a bhenji and the one in skirt, a girl with a lose character? Whatever the hell that is. In India, people aren’t known for what they are but for what they wear, what job they do, what state they come from. A Punjabi is not always a brash, yo yo honey singh lover and not every south Indian is a Tamilian.

We should just really get to know a person before forming a definite opinion about them. If we don’t want to know them, why should we label them? I am a hypocrite because I do just the same. I form opinions about people even before I get to know them and sometimes, I do conform to the pre conceived stereotypes. But I am trying to stay away from stereotypes as much as I can and so should everybody else. 

Stop Stereotyping !!

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