Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Hit the Damn Refresh button!!

The phone hanged again, switch it off switch it on. There. The laptop, desktop bugs are usually fixed by a refresh click or a restart.  TV Remote not working? Remove the batteries and put them got it,smooth channel surfing. An engineer in making? Probably not, but yeah petty issues like these are easy to solve.Today's tech savvy generation has it easy or not, still remains a debatable topic but they are definitely excelling with their 'refresh' buttons.

Why is that we fail to see the possibility of a refresh button in our lives. Hello!! Its right there. All you need to do is press it. It is not easy to just refresh and leave things mid way but sometimes, it is the best thing to do. Struck at one thing, static and no movement however is not the solution. It will take you nowhere. We cannot forget things, but we sure can step ahead and restart to create a new memory. Do not like how you were in a particular month, forget it leave it there and start re living in the next.

Nothing in this world will wait for you. Still moments, dull moments are futile. You know, when you drop your wallet on the floor, you pick it up and get going. you don't just stand there staring at it, crying or regretting over your clumsiness. It may not be that simple but it is not very difficult.

So, yeah. Use the refresh buttons of your lives.

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