Sunday, 17 August 2014

Forgive and Forget.

Forgive and forget. Whoever said or wrote it first or whatever was totally nuts. I mean come on,you got to be kidding me. How can you just forgive and forget and move on. After a loss, the only thing one wants to do is keep on clinging to the memories. We want to replay the entire happy life again and again. If somebody offends us,hurts us, the least we can do is acknowledge the hurt inside. We don't feel good about something, we owe it to ourselves to recognize the source and eradicate it. Why should we forget the hurt,the source.

Forgiving they say is never for the other person,it is for ourselves. We forgive somebody and free ourselves from the anger,the grief, the negativity. Time is the greatest healer and paradoxically i do believe in it. Time heals everything, time lets you move on but there is a but.Solitude is your greatest companion. Solitude lets you be. Solitude is what takes you backwards and relish the moments already gone by. In solitude,you always and always remember what and who you may have forgiven but not forgotten. With time the scars may fade,the broken heart may mend but we always remember exactly where that scar was and how did our precious heart broke. It is good to keep those sorrows,those griefs. They keep you sane in your happiest moments. They are your constant teachers..

And this was my rant for today.

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