Monday, 14 October 2013

Airport Diaries I

I have a thing for Airports like mcdreamy [grey's anatomy] has a thing for ferry boats. I love airports even though I have never been on an airplane. I have been there to receive and see off people and that's that. Airport Diaries is a fictional one shot I will be writing. Hope my very first attempt at fiction doesn't disappoint (:

Airport Diaries I

Natasha was at the airport waiting for her fiance. His flight was some two hours late and she decided to catch up on the latest book she had been reading. She was dressed in a casual kurta and jeans with some kohl in her eyes.She always preferred comfort over style. With her nerd glasses on, she was totally engrossed in the book. And she sensed somebody sitting right next to her. She looked at the gentleman and smiled politely. This gentleman was dressed in his black suit and pants, he had this clean shaven face and dimples. He met all the criteria of  a  mills and boon hero ; tall , dark and handsome. Natasha unlike herself constantly gazed at him.The uncomfortable air around her suddenly came to a rest when he gently introduced himself. "Ayush" he said."Natasha" she smiled again. "That is an amazing book. You should read others by the same author." he further said. "Uhmm, yeah I like it so far. " she said . With that ,the two started conversing. "I am here to receive my fiance, we got engaged last month" he said with a happy smile. "Mee too." Natasha jumped and wondered at the co incidence. Her train of thoughts shifted to how his fiance would be. She imagined a tall and slim figure with the most amazing clothes and an electrifying smile. She smiled at the thought. Natasha wasn't ever conscious of how she looked. She knew she had her imperfections but she loved her self like she was. Sameer was an amazing boy friend, now fiance. She was sure of the happy life she had ahead of her. "Those are beautiful." she pointed towards the bouquet of flowers Ayush had by his seat. "My fiance loves them." he said. "Great." she said. "Mind me asking? But aren't you a little overdressed for someone who has come to receive somebody at the airport" she casuallyy asked. "Yeah, totally. But I had this urgent meeting at the office and then I had to rush here directly only to wait for two hours" he chuckled and Natasha joined. "She is very lucky. I can't imagine Sameer ever leaving an urgent meeting just to pick me up from the airport." Natasha said . It was true Sameer loved her but he wasn't the kind to miss meetings and important office work to hang around with his girlfriend and Natasha never expected him to do so. She saw Ayush fiddling with some words and then finally saying "Yeah, very. I like to give these small surprises even if it means half of the airport making fun of my clothes." he said. "Oh!! They are not making fun of you. Trust me, the girls are ogling at how good looking you are and the guys are just jealous." She pointed out. "I will take that as a compliment. " he smiled. "That was supposed to be a compliment." she said. They continued talking about their fiances and how their life has been. Natasha was glad she had company for two hours, the book totally forgotten.She liked Ayush instantly. He was chivalrous when he asked her for a coffee before getting himself one. He was sensitive and very polite.Then he was all boyish with his enthusiasm towards cricket.

 Soon there was an announcement of the flight arriving and the two dispatched to look for their respective fiances.Natasha spotted Sameer immediately. They gave each other a hug and Natasha quickly grabbed the chocolates he had brought for her. They were near the parking lot when Natasha saw Ayush again. She approached him and introduced Sameer to him. "So where is she?" she asked. Soon she saw a man nearing them. He was dressed cassually in jeans t shirt. He was equally good looking with his manly structure as Ayush if not better. "Natasha, meet my fiance Gaurav." he said. Ayush smiled a knowing smile and hugged her good bye. Natasha was flabbergasted. She wished the two a happy married life and said her goodbyes. Natasha had smiled at this memory months later as well. She was glad to have known a couple like Ayush and Gaurav's.


  1. pure imagination or some kangan experience? after all you love airports.. :)
    anyway, this is a great beginning..

    1. Hey!! It is pure imagination.
      Thanks for your kind appreciation. Means a lot. (:

    2. looks like you are stuck at the airport, com'on take off