Wednesday, 18 September 2013


No,I am not talking about the movie which barely got noticed. In between making lame jokes, i do have a point here :D
Coming to “Accepted” . I was just looking back at my life, when i was in school. Yeah, I have finally managed to pass out from School. Coming to the point,School has taught me a lot of things about life. One such aspect is getting accepted. All of us have once in our life done things just to get accepted, accepted by our peers,our teachers, our relatives, our boy friend/girlfriends. Much to our dismay,we have. 
Even i have. I remember growing up I tried to act all cool and throw loads of attitude around just to get people to like me. I used to act all different and unaffected. I tried to be the coolest.Soon, i realized i was trying to be some one i am not. I stopped acting cool, not many liked the new me.But i liked myself much more.Today, a sensible me, condemns the idea.I am very sure each one of us has gone through the same phase .Pretending to be some one we are not,failing to please others and at the end giving up the very idea.
What I don’t understand is why do we have to get accepted by some body. Why can’t we just be the way we are. People think i am not fit to enter their so called social life, fine enough. I am much happier to be imperfect and not socially accepted.I am very sure there will be a certain imperfect some one, who will not want me to change myself.
The other day i was watching a serial, yeah a typical saas bahu saga.[ My defense to that will be, a little drama is needed every now and then]. So the protagonist of the serial or soap was willing to stay mum and not stand against what was right just because she was afraid that the people around would boycott her. People around won’t accept her. Shameless! Totally shameless. 
All my school life, I was known as some body who wouldn't just care about the consequences. I did what i wanted to, i spoke what i thought.Today as i write this post, I am thankful to myself for not trying too much to get accepted. I would have been a very unhappy person.
So I make no apologies for being socially awkward and weird or an anti social person. I will continue to be the same way as long as I am true to myself.
Have a great day and try to be socially unaccepted. It is fun!!
Much love
Kangan Gupta

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