Monday, 19 August 2013

Change, the only constant.

Mr Bachchan the senior in his, ever charismatic baritone stares into the then so young King Khan of bollywood's eyes and says "Mujhe badalti hui cheezein achi nahi lagti hai , Mr Aryan. Mujhe kissi bhi tarah ka parivartan pasand nahi hai. I don't like changes".  I find myself voicing the exact same opinion. I have been resenting change in almost all walks of my life. Every year at school, they used to shuffle us all and I found myself in a new classroom with new classmates, that was hard for me to accept. I hated to change my routine activities for somebody or something. A little diversion in usual was a big no for me.

Now, ever since I have a broken leg and am sitting on my bed/couch eating,surfing the net,watching TV ; I want everything to change. I am soo charged up to change everything about my lifestyle and other things. I am all like let life throw all kinds of lemons at me, I will be sure to grab tequila and salt. That sounded weird but I always wanted to use this phrase.Anyways, the point is, I want too soo be more exciting and ready for the little or big changes in life. The broken leg has almost given me a new perspective to life.

This little quote is a big inspiration. The first thing I am going to do is to change my entire routine and add a little fun to the oh so boring life . I am going to be 100 per cent welcoming to changes. I will try new things except for ice cream maybe, because i am totally faithful to my chocolates (: I am soo positive and charged up. Waiting to get rid of the damn plaster.

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